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What is the value of a single human life?
There's no answer to be found as I'm sifting through your mind
I pick apart the contents and I browse through your lies
As you shake and writhe in ecstasy, how could you be so blind?

You're enslaved to a system that convinced you to obey
You built these walls around us and constructed your own chains
I grow tired of this game and I'm sick of your display
Open your eyes for a moment, and look at what you've made

(The reason people go on killing sprees and shoot up schools is because we're raised in this medicated cradle society where we're taught to be docile and complacent, and any behavior that's considered abnormal is immediately diagnosed and medicated. We're taught from birth to deny our instincts, and every time we act on them we are shamed. Combine this with an enormous pressure to go to college and succeed, and you have a volatile soup. These feelings bottle up and sometimes the human mind will snap, it can only take so much.)

Overlord, look at me and tell me what you've done
What goes into your sick campaign every time you run?
In their hearts you're making notches, in their brains you're drilling holes
But you'll never own me until you've taken my soul

Overlord, close your eyes and tell me what you see
What makes you think you're any better than me?
I will not submit to you
Overlord, fear me, I am truth


from Static Decay EP, released October 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Splinter Atlanta, Georgia

For those of you familiar with Kaos Magic: This EP is a weapon of war. Probably not intended for you if you're reading this.

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